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Printing at home has become a lot easier these days with the coming of affordable and easy to use printers. HP is a well- known name in the home printing segment which has been providing its excellent services to its users for past so many years. HP printers are known for their highly cost effective pricing, great printing quality and ease of use. HP printers are also really sleek and trendy in look and hence do not give the boring office look at home. They can fit in small space and make the table look more stylish by their great designs. However, one of the biggest problems with home printers is that they lack any technical backup in case of emergencies. Offices usually have a technical hand to assist you in printer issues and hence when a problem arises you have someone to go to. But, in case of home printers this help is generally absent and the user is just left to wait for the technical assistance to arrive later. But now HP Printer Support Number UK is there to provide you complete technical assistance whenever you need it. The experts are available 24 x 7 to provide complete assistance on all such issues faced by you anytime. Just call the support number and get instant help from the experts through phone support or remote access.

Some common problems faced by users

Connectivity issues:  Not able to connect to the printer is one of the most common complaints of the users. Connectivity issues generally can be resolved easily just by physically checking the connection if you are connected through a cable but if you are connected through a WI-Fi network then you need to check on the router for the network issue. However, many other problems like driver issues or problem in the software can also make the connection to the printer difficult. If you have checked the connection and it seems to be right then contact the experts at HP Printer Support for instant help on the problem.

Bad quality of print: Getting bad quality of print is another issue with creates a lot of problem for the users. HP printers are especially known for their good quality of print. But, in case you are using the printer after long intervals then the problem in quality of print can arise. This is generally due to clogging of the printer nozzles with the residual ink. The best way to resolve this problem yourself is to carry out the auto head cleaning operation from printer setting menu. But if the problem still persists then you can take the help of the experts.

Excessive usage of ink: Ink is the most expensive consumable in a printer. In fact, most of the printer manufacturers sell their printers cheap so that they can make more profit on the ink sales. But, still if the printer is using the ink in right amount then it can give you great value for money. But, in case your printer is consuming more ink then check if it is set on ‘Best’ quality settings. If it is so then change it to ‘Draft’ quality for saving ink. Whenever you need better quality you can always change it back to the best quality mode.

We provide round the clock assistance for all printer issues so that you can keep working always without having to worry about the technical troubles. Whenever you need any kind of assistance immediately dial the HP Printer Customer Care Number UK 0800-098-8579 Toll Free.