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HP manufactures one of the most reliable printers in the whole printing segment and that’s a quality which has made it an uncrowned king in the segment. These sturdy printers can function in easily in most conditions and have a reputation of showing least technical problems. However, problems like software or driver errors are something which users can face at any point of time and although they look simple can cause a lot of trouble for users with little or no technical users.

Drivers are the set of instructions which make the printer understand the command given by you through your system. If your printer’s drivers are corrupt, it wouldn’t be able to understand your commands and may not function properly and hence, cause a problem for you at a time when you need to take printouts urgently.Drivers of a printer can get corrupt due to various reasons and hence, if your printer starts to misbehave or not follow your commands properly you must see to it that its drivers are working perfectly. If, you aren’t able to fix the problem yourself you can take the help of HP experts at HP Printer Help Number UK. The round the clock customer service can resolve all your driver or software issues immediately through phone support or remote access.

The drivers of most of the HP printers are however, always available for free download on their official website. The tricky part in downloading a driver is knowing all the details properly.

For downloading the correct drivers for your printer you need to know the following details properly:

Your printer model: Knowing your printer model is important for downloading its drivers because if you mistakenly download the drivers of any other similar model then your printer might still work with it but its functionalities would get seriously hampered. So always ensure the model number of your printer correctly.

Your operating system: Knowing the operating system of your printer is really important as the drivers are going to interact with the operating system only. So if you do not install the correct drivers as per your operating system the drivers won’t work at all. Systems can have a variety of operating systems like windows & Mac. These operating systems can also have various variants like windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. You must know on which version of operating system your computer is running. You also need to know the version of your operating system like is it a 32 bit operating system or 64 bit one.

For finding the correct details you can right click on the ‘my computer’ tab and from the prop down menu click on the properties and it’ll show you the details of your systems operating system.

For downloading the correct driver you can visit the HP website and feed the details of your printer and select the correct set of drivers. However, the simple and easy way is to take the help of the experts at HP Printer Contact Number UK. They can swiftly guide you through the whole procedure or can even download the drivers on your system through remote access and you can have your printer up and running in no time without even thinking about it.