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HP is the uncrowned leader in the printer segment as this fact needs no conformation as the sales figures say the rest. HP printers are the hot favorites as these printers are capable of giving the most cost effective printouts for a longer periods without requiring much technical assistance and in case of breakdowns too the genuine spares of HP printers are not only easily available in the market they are very economical too. Hence, the HP printers are one of the most desirable printers for people who want to get the most from their equipment at effective costs.

That being said the other thing about HP’s laser printers is that they are quite easy to handle and do not throw too many tantrums while working and their regular maintenance is comparatively much easier although if you experience any major technical issue then it is advisable that you seek the help of the printer experts at HP Printer Support Number UK as trying to repair a complicated issue yourself without any technical might do more harm to the printer.

However, some basic procedures can be followed which can keep your printer in good health so that you keep getting excellent results from your printer time and again.

Word to the Wise: Always unplug your printer before doing any maintenance work as internal part may carry electric current and can give you shock if you open your printer while connected to a socket. So always unplug your printer before opening it for cleaning or other purposes.

Get Maximum out of the Toner: Toners get to settle sometimes at the sides and start giving uneven prints so if you are facing any problem like this then you can gently try to remove the toner cartridge and shake it gently a bit so that the toner gets distributed equally to all areas and you will get more number and better quality prints. While you are trying to spread the toner always spread old paper of covering sheet as some toner might spill out and spoil things.

Clean the printer on regular basis: dust and lint can get accumulated and hence it is highly advisable that you keep dusting your printer from inside and outside so that not only the printer keeps giving great quality prints but also its roller doesn’t get scratched by tiny dust particles.

Fighting paper jam issues: Paper jam is the nastiest problem which every printer user has to face many a times and it is one problem which is sometimes also related to accumulated dust and gets resolved if you keep your printer tray and papers clean but if in spite of taking all the care you are facing the problem then calling the HP Printer Contact Number will be the right thing for you as they could clearly determine the cause of the problem and suggest the correct resolution.

Print blank pages to remove dust and lint: If unused for long time dust and lint gets accumulated inside the printer and while printing this dust gets into the rollers and causes paper jam. So it is always a good idea to print a blank page before printing anything if you are going to use the printer after a couple of days as this will help in taking out the accumulated dust on the blank paper without harming the rollers and ensure proper printer functioning while reducing paper jam incidents considerably.

Keep it covered: Keeping your printer covered while not in use helps in fighting dust issues and hence it is always prudent to keep your printer covered while not being used.

The printer is an important machine for everyone either you are a home user or an office manager. Keeping the equipment ready and working always helps as you can use the equipment when you need it the most. But, if unfortunately the printer fails to work at any such crucial time there is no reason to worry as you can always seek from HP Printer Contact Number UK and you will be immediately given all the required assistance so that you can resume working within minutes.